Food Safety

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What does Ohio require?

Food service training and certification is not required (mandated) by the state. However, to obtain and maintain food service license, some of the competencies the designated "Person in Charge" must be able to do include:

  • Describe the relationship between the prevention of foodborne disease and the personal hygiene of a food employee
  • Describe symptoms associated with the diseases that are transmissible through food
  • Explain significance of the relationship between maintaining time and temperature
  • Explain hazards involved in the consumption of raw or undercooked, meat, poultry, eggs and fish
  • Describe relationship between the prevention of foodborne illness and the management and control of cross contamination, hand contact with ready to-eat foods, hand washing and maintaining operation in clean condition
  • Manager must ensure employees are trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties

For more details, please visit the State of Ohio, Food Safety Regulations

Ohio Department of Health Certification in Food Protection Program (CFPP)

The role of the Ohio Department of Health Certification in Food Protection Program (CFPP) is to educate and train food service personnel on effective food safety programs for preventing foodborne illness. Quick facts:

  • In order to become "Certified in Food Protection" by the O.D.H., trainees must have 15 hours of training and pass the exam. ServSafe® print and online programs are approved by the State of Ohio.
  • Ohio - Certification is permanent. ODH issues a laminated certification card, which does not expire. ServSafe® - Certification is good for five years
  • Ohio Instructor Requirements - Minimum four years training or teaching or four years of food service industry, health, or related experience; completion of approved course in certification with a passing score. ServSafe® is an approved course.

Ohio Department of Health

Local Health Departments

Why does the Ohio Restaurant Association endorse ServSafe® Food Safety training?

ServSafe® provides high-quality food safety training and examination materials for the restaurant and foodservice industry.

ServSafe® is recognized by Ohio Department of Health.

Training materials and examinations reflect current food safety science, revisions to the FDA Model Food Code and industry best practices.

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Examination is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP).

Passing the exam with a score of 75 percent or greater earns the examinee a ServSafe® Certification, which demonstrates the Manager has the knowledge, skills, and ability to serve food safely to his/her customers.

High-stakes exam. It is legally defensible-makes a judgment about examinee based on exam outcome.

Why should you invest in ServSafe® Food Safety training?

  • Commit to help keep your customers and your operations safe from foodborne illness. ServSafe® training reflects best practices in the industry, the 2005 FDA Food Code and updates to food safety science
  • You won't have to wonder if you've covered everything. The full series includes:
    • Introduction to Food Safety
    • Overview of Foodborne Microorganisms and Allergens
    • Personal Hygiene
    • Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
    • Preparation, Cooking and Serving
    • Facilities, Cleaning and Sanitizing and Pest Management

Reduce chances of your restaurant becoming the source of a foodborne illness and potential outcomes, including:

  • Your restaurant could be shut down or worse, be closed for good
  • Loss of customers and sales
  • Damage to reputation
  • Lawsuits
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • Lowered employee morale
  • Embarrassment in your community
  • Absenteeism
  • Need for retraining

ServSafe® Food Safety - Next Steps

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