ORA, NRA meet with City of Cleveland's department of economic


The ORA Local Restaurant Alliance Cleveland Alliance hosted a committee meeting with restaurateurs on Thursday, July 14, 2017. There were 14 restaurateurs in attendance; the event was held at Stone Mad Pub.

Kevin Schmotzer, executive of Small Business Development at the City of Cleveland’s Department of Economic Development, was the keynote speaker. Kevin’s presentation was focused on two programs in the City of Cleveland: the Municipal Small Business Initiative, which provides low-interest or recoverable grant loans and the Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program, which is unique to Cleveland. The Neighborhood Retail Assistance Program provides financial assistance to locally-ow...

Cleveland City Council meets with Local Restaurant Alliance in Cleveland


The Harp hosted restaurant advocates and Cleveland City Council members last Thursday during our Local Restaurant Alliance meeting. Thanks to Sam Lindsley of Michael Symon Restaurants and Nick Kostis of Pickwick & Frolic for representing the ORA Board of Directors and to Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley for speaking to attendees. The ORA Local Restaurant Alliance in Cleveland has grown to more than 100 advocates.

Meet us at The Harp!

The ORA Local Restaurant Alliance in Cleveland invited you to a meet-and-greet with local restaurateurs and members of city council. Come hear about happenings in the city of Cleveland and the recently passed city budget.

When: Thursday, June 1 starting at 4 p.m.
Where: The Harp Irish Pub and Restaurant
4408 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44113

RSVP by emailing Cassandra Manna at

Partnering with Cleveland City Council

The Local Restaurant Alliance and ORA members partnered with City Council President Kevin Kelly and council members in 2016 to defeat the threat of an 85% increase in the city’s minimum wage. Local restaurateurs were adamant that passage of such an increase would devastate their businesses, hurt the Cleveland economy and eliminate jobs.

Workforce development

Advocates met at the El Barrio Workforce Development Center on the west side to discuss how the non-profit trains individuals to enter or re-enter the workforce. The center matches qualified candidates with restaurants, foodservice operators, hotels, banks and retailers in the Cleveland area, after providing training, certifications, ServSafe, etc.

Alliance promotes Women for Economic and Leadership Development

The Alliance helped promote a Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) event. Restaurateurs attended and met with female business leaders in the greater Cleveland area. Foodservice veteran Julie Novak presented to the group.