ORA is changing and is poised to provide MORE for members

Your association is undergoing tremendous change.

Why? Because businesses need to get everything just right to succeed. In the restaurant industry, there’s a revolution under way in tastes and flavors, celebrity chefs are capturing the public’s imagination and consumers expect their food providers to walk on water!

That means restaurants have to “nail it” with great food, ambiance and service. Meals must be priced just right. The total experience has to be A+.

At the same time, there are more regulations than ever strangling businesses, including the
​overtime rule and a push for a significantly higher starting wage. This is happening while most restaurants operate with low-single digit profit margins.

That’s why the ORA is changing. Internally, we are evolving to a smarter, more focused group of consultants focused on solving challenges facing our members. In 2016, we scratched the surface of this opportunity. We tackled subjects critical to the industry and addressed them with an invigorated platform including:

  • Our content-rich website, new CONNECT online community and rapidly growing social media.

  • Weekly News Bites with information you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Our ala carte quarterly magazine that is packed with excellent content.

  • Town Halls that tackle critical subjects like the overtime rule.

  • Our new Idea Factory that champions inspirational leaders and thought leadership.

  • Our Political Action Committee (PAC) events featuring important players in politics.

  • Our new Mid-America Restaurant Expo in January 2017 addressing technology, innovation and trends … and the wonderful pizza competition.

  • Leadership in Cleveland where national unions are trying to drive an 85% increase in the city’s minimum wage.

  • Creation of the position of Director of Foodservice Safety & Certification, to elevate/ lead restaurant safety, risk management initiatives and support for members.

  • A set of core values for the ORA.

  • “Ask ORA” and “Ask The Attorney” programs.

  • A renewed commitment to local impact with alliances in Cleveland, Columbus and soon Cincinnati.

  • Solutions for members from our strategic partners and purveyors, including discounts on workers’ compensation, ServSafe and health insurance.

  • And, coming soon, a brand transformation to reposition the ORA as a modern, problem-solving organization that members can’t live without.

Stay tuned … the ride is just beginning.