Ramping up A+ content and elite speakers for ORA members

Exclusive content and thought leadership are important benefits for ORA members.

We’ve made this a priority over the past year as part of our brand transformation. Events such as our Town Halls, Idea Factory meetings, Legislative Day, PAC events and our Mid-America Restaurant Expo are designed to bring the best to our members.

We deliver top-notch content to help members achieve success and subjects that are pressing our industry. The elite speakers we’ve featured would cost an organization thousands of dollars, but we offer all of this to members --- for FREE or at a very low cost.

Looking ahead, the ORA’s fall event schedule is packed with excellence (see our website for more details). We encourage you to attend and send members of your team as part of their development.

Important ORA events this fall:

  • Oct. 6 in Columbus; Oct. 17 in Cleveland; and Oct. 26 in Cincinnati – Political Action Committee (PAC) meetings featuring candidates for Ohio’s governor in 2018. This is a great way for members and foodservice professionals to meet our current and future leaders.

  • Oct. 10 in Cincinnati – A Restaurant Education Series Safety Event focused on Workplace Violence.

  • Oct. 18 in Columbus from 10 am to Noon – Our “Town Hall” event will help restaurant owners navigate liquor permit transfers, temporary permits and the new distribution system, as well as an update by the Department of Taxation on the collection of municipal income tax. We will feature Division of Liquor Control Superintendent James V. Canepa and his staff, plus state Tax Commissioner Joe Testa.

  • Nov. 16 in Columbus from 10 am to Noon – Our “Town Hall” event will help restaurant owners navigate the issue of medical marijuana in the workplace. Attorney Sara H. Jodka from Dickinson Wright will lead the Town Hall. Other speakers include ORA Director of Government Affairs Joe Rosato and ORA CEO & President John Barker.