The ORA is forming a new Human Resources Committee

The ORA is remaking itself on a daily basis. After nearly 100 years of serving the foodservice industry in Ohio, the accelerating pace of change in business today requires new and smarter thinking to help our members thrive.

What are the facts? Our members who operate restaurants and serve customers face a growing list of topics to master. No longer can a restaurant survive on just a great menu and a commitment to service. Restaurant owners and operators are SUPER busy with a range of priorities:

  • establishing a top-notch culture that attracts good people

  • solving hiring, training and retention issues in an era where it’s hard to find qualified employees

  • managing the strangling healthcare challenge and a host of complex HR topics

  • dealing with aggressive legislative policies that can hurt businesses

  • navigating shifting consumer and food trends

  • determining the best way to adapt to the technology revolution

That’s why the ORA launched a brand transformation earlier this year to help our members deal with these topics and write their own success story - We are offering our members more products, services, partners, content, thought leadership, meetings and events than ever. And, there’s more to come.

To help our staff develop all of this firepower, we lean on a super group of people who serve on our board of directors. They represent a broad spectrum of restaurant leaders, operators, experts and vendors who support the industry. They provide great input and guidance.

They also serve on a host of committees we’ve created to address big topics. Our committees range from Executive to Government Affairs to ProStart and Nominating. They include our Mid-America Restaurant Expo, Technology, Local Alliances and Brand Transformation.

The output of our Technology Committee is one example of new and smarter thinking for our members. Click here for #ORATech to address your digital footprint.

And now, we are starting a HUMAN RESOURCES committee. As we survey our members and talk with them daily, the topics of People, HR, Hiring and Retention, Training, Safety, Policies, Workforce Development, Health Insurance and Workers’ Compensation, are at the top of the list of challenges.

​So, stay tuned. As this committee begins tackling these topics, we are excited about developing a center of excellence with content and solutions to help our members.