Thousands of touch points

Everything we do at the ORA revolves around helping our members achieve their dreams.

The ORA “brand” promises to PROMOTE restaurants… PROTECT our industry at the statehouse and throughout Ohio… and PARTNER with foodservice professionals.

So, does the ORA brand help businesses? Do we help people? Yes, with thousands of touch points that occur every week, for example:

  • an early morning call from an entrepreneur asking our Member Services team about ServSafe training in Cleveland

  • a chef clicking on the ORA website to learn about innovation, technology and trends at our Mid-America Restaurant Expo in Columbus

  • photos on Instagram celebrating a member’s grand opening in Akron

  • attendees enjoying our awards event where the ORA recognizes a top operator from Sandusky

  • superb insights at one of our Thought Leadership events around the state

  • meeting with influential politicians at a PAC event in Cincinnati

  • a small group discussing workforce development at our Local Restaurant Alliance meetings

  • a restaurant owner securing a significant worker’s compensation discount

  • a student considering a culinary career engages with a ProStart school

These are just a few of the ORA’s products, services, events and special moments that can help our members succeed. And, while they are often very GOOD, our goal is to move them towards GREAT. We want members to say “we need the ORA and can’t do without them.” Admittedly this is aspirational, but it motivates our staff, board and partners to raise the bar.

Brand Transformation

At the center of this commitment is the transformation of our brand and its image. Previously our brand was a mismatch of logos, colors, themes, messages, products and services. So we embarked on a project in 2016 to begin transforming the brand. We committed to evolving the ORA from a trade association to a more modern and relevant “consulting” organization.

Hopefully you’ve noticed improvements over the past year, but certainly you will begin to experience a NEW DAY at the ORA highlighted by our new branding. Our new look and feel is intended to be welcoming for a diverse group of people who represent the industry. At times the brand will be bold and vibrant to address an industry undergoing massive changes and shifts. And, the brand will always be thoughtful and influential as we will tackle tough issues and provide solutions for our members.

So, why is this important to you?

The ORA will continue to upgrade the 6Ps of our business – Products, Pricing, Place, Promotion, People and Performance – to bring more value to our members.

Specifically, we will provide A+ service to members. This is Job #1. Our array of member-exclusive products and services will continue to improve and expand. We intend to grow partnerships with additional professional firms that can help members with their biggest challenges. Our thought leadership events will provide insights and inspiration. Our ProStart schools will prepare students for an exciting future in foodservice. And, our communications will continue to offer information you can only get from the ORA.

Certainly these are not the only elements of our brand transformation. There will be many more. Stay tuned. This is our brand promise, and we intend to deliver for you.

Special Note: Thanks to an outstanding group of restaurant professionals who volunteered to serve on our Brand Transformation committee with Director of Marketing & Strategic Partnerships Maureen O’Rourke, our intern Alexa Taylor, and me. They are Chairperson Sheila Trautner, Kim Bartley, Scott Heimlich, Bill Souder and Roy Getz. We are also deeply grateful for the insights, inspiration and creativity of Summerfield Advertising. They are a great partner and we are thankful for their outstanding work on our brand transformation.