Holiday season is an opportunity to surprise and delight


As we enter the holiday season and prepare for a new year, most restaurateurs are hustling with full dining rooms, long takeout lines and busy drive-throughs.

Restaurants are often the site of special dinners, family gatherings and office parties. While this can be stressful for owners, chefs, servers and foodservice teams, it also represents a wonderful opportunity to offer guests a fantastic experience. Guests are thrilled when they are welcomed into a restaurant and receive an outstanding meal.

The busy shopping season can generate some of the highest customer counts of the year, and therefore represents an important opporunity for restaurant staff to show customers the highest appreciation for their support.

Some restaurateurs offer special deals, coupons and menus. Many restaurants are decorated for the season. There’s a bustle in the air.

On Saturday, I visited a Chick-fil-A with my better half. She loves their food, frozen lemonade and A+ service. Our admiration for the chicken chain began years ago when we lived in Atlanta (Chick-fil-A’s hometown), and continues now that they’ve entered the Ohio market.

We were pleasantly greeted at the restaurant with a musical duo. A vocalist and keyboard player entertained guests with holiday music during a late lunch. While we sometimes hear live music in fine dining restaurants, this was a “surprise and delight” moment. From a marketing perspective, it’s a way to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations. And, Chick-fil-A delivered a great experience!
In today’s restaurant marketplace, with so much competition and new concepts popping up all over our state, exceeding customer expectations is more important than ever.

At the ORA, we understand this dynamic. That’s why are gearing up for 2017 with a positive outlook, excitement and energy. We are committed to transforming the ORA into a more modern, member-focused association that will help restaurants delight their customers.

All the best this holiday season from your staff at the ORA.