ORA evolution continues with Website 1.0 and new Premier Vendor– MoPro

The next step in the ORA’s brand transformation is right before your eyes. Just log into our new website at and scroll through the resources and content designed for restaurant professionals.

The ORA site represents the future of our industry – it’s visually stunning, highlights culinary and food images, and is responsive and mobile-friendly. It showcases the diversity of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality business. It features our logos and color palette of blueberry, watermelon and quinoa – for those of you who love design as much as our Managing Director of Marketing and Communications, Maureen O’Rourke.

Maureen is the orchestrator of our brand and led the transformation starting in 2017. Today, we continue to step-change everything printed and digital that touches our members. All materials going to our members are more purposeful and well organized to quickly communicate value.

On Maureen’s team, our Manager of Media and Communications Homa Moheimani led the overhaul of our website. Homa worked tirelessly on the site and partnered with the creative and web development/hosting firm Mopro.

We’re thrilled to provide this contemporary communications vehicle for our Ohio members and the industry. Our new website is reorganized to make it easier to use and more intuitive. We call it 1.0. There’s more work to come and further updates, but round one was well done.

Check out our content organized under: About, Membership, Advocacy, Events, ASK ORA and Education. We are particularly proud of A+ content such as our new Legal Center and our #ORATech Center of Excellence. Stay tuned for additional centers that will provide valuable information on topics our members say are most important.

Two more things:

1. We’ve aligned with Mopro, our newest Premier Vendor, to offer website creative and hosting services to our members. There’s a great offer available, just contact Maureen at

2. Our ORA Education Foundation website is under construction and we’ll unveil it soon. The great work under way by our Education Foundation will elevate our Ohio ProStart® program and focus more intensely on helping solve the Workforce Development issues facing the restaurant industry.