ORA opposes State Issue 1


COLUMBUS, Ohio (November 2, 2018) – The Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) today added its voice to the significant and growing grassroots coalition in opposition to State Issue 1, a misguided proposal being pushed by out-of-state interest groups that would significantly and problematically weaken Ohio’s drug laws.

The ORA joins nearly every major pro-business group in our state, which coupled with the overwhelming opposition of judges, law enforcement, treatment professionals and the editorial boards of Ohio’s major newspapers, present a united front in opposition to the problematic and misguided Issue 1.

The ORA believes that opposition to Issue 1 is not a partisan position, but a workforce and quality of life issue.

“While the stated goals of the out-of-state special interest groups backing Issue 1 are laudable, the approach they have taken is misguided. The result of its passing would be potentially devastating to Ohio’s workforce development efforts and to the very victims of addiction it purports to help,” said ORA President and CEO John Barker. “We would support the pursuit of smarter approaches to solving drug addiction issues in Ohio.”

This is one of the most critical issues on the ballot, and the ORA strongly endorses a NO vote on State Issue 1. The ORA has encouraged our members to educate themselves and their staff on this threat to our state.

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