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Our Political Action Commttee (PAC) is made up of restaurant owners, suppliers and friends of the foodservice industry. 

They band together to help elect candidates from both parties to the Ohio General Assembly who are supportive of the free enterprise system and want to allow businesses like yours to operate successfully in the marketplace.

 Our PAC helps insure that your voice is heard.

Donate now or join us at one of our events.  

protect Ohio's restaurant & foodservice industry

There's strength in numbers.

Our Mission

To capture the political power of Ohio's third-largest private sector employer to elect candidates for public office who support positions on issues critical to the success of Ohio's restaurant & foodservice industry.

Why a PAC?

There's strength in numbers. A political action committee (PAC) provides a practical and powerful means for the restaurant industry to pool resources to maximize the impact our financial contributions have on the electoral and legislative process. In other words, it makes it more likely that we can help elect pro-business and pro-restaurant lawmakers and that our message and positions on issues will be more effectively communicated to the 132 members of the Ohio General Assembly.


Some groups want to raise minimum wage to levels that make many restaurant business models unstainable. ORA supports candidates who understand the free enterprise system.

Mandatory paid sick leave continues to serve as a rallying cry for some labor unions. Most proposals even mandate sick leave for part time employees. Our PAC helps educate candidates about the significant cost this would impose on every Ohio business.


ORA members and others interested in furthering the foodservice industry maycontribute to our PAC. Ohio Law prohibits corporate contributions, so only personal contributions are allowed. However, Ohio law does not consider LLCs, sole proprietorships or partnerships to be corporations for the purposes of the campaign finance laws. Thus, LLCs, sole proprietorships and partnerships are allowed to contribute to the Ohio Restaurant PAC.


The PAC Committee makes campaign contributions on a non-partisan basis. The criteria used to determine which candidates to support and the amount of that financial support includes:

Available funds

The candidate's voting record on issues impacting foodservice

The degree to which a candidate supports minimal government interference in business operations (may be based on candidate questionnaires

The candidate's relationship with ORA members

Our perception of whether the candidate is approachable and open-minded

The candidate's leadership skills

His or her electability

How to make your investment



CLICK HERE to donate online.


 CLICK HERE to complete a mail-only card that will allow you to make automatic, monthly contributions through charges to your personal credit card or draft from your personal checking account. Once you've completed the fillable fields, simply print the document and send it to the address on the card.


Your personal checks can be made payable to Ohio Restaurant PAC and mailed to:

100 E Campus View Blvd STE. 150

Columbus, OH 43235