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Restaurant Safety Consultants 

The Ohio Restaurant Association and RiskControl360° have partnered together to assist all ORA members in reducing insurance-related costs as well as to improve overall performance. RiskControl360° will provide ORA members with a variety of tools to maintain a safe workplace and control costs.

RiskControl360° offers customized safety inspections, consulting, training, OSHA, EPA, human resources, online safety management services, online training, absence/disability management, Drug Free Workplace Program, Premium Discount Program+, ergonomics, regulatory compliance and policy procedure/development.

Please contact RiskControl360° at 1-877-360-3608 for more information. You may also go online at

No Cost Risk Management/Safety Inspection

In addition to all the benefits you receive as a member of the Ohio Restaurant Association, you are now entitled to a free Risk Management/Safety Inspection from RiskControl360º. This service is being provided as part of our ongoing effort to continuously improve our service to our members. Our goal is to assist your business to identify hazards and prevent costly injuries. The ORA workers' compensation group plan is one of the few plans offering such a service. All ORA members are eligible for this service; it is not limited to workers' compensation group rating plan members.

It is important to understand that any business with more than one employee is subject to OSHA regulations in some capacity. This includes all employers from manufacturing and construction to even restaurants. No matter what your business niche is, employees will always have the potential to be injured on the job.

This free inspection is intended to help uncover potential violations of OSHA standards as well as dangerous situations or processes that could result in an injury. RiskControl360º will work with you to establish the scope of the inspection. For instance, you may just be interested in evaluating a certain area or department within your company, or you may want to review the entire facility, or you may want a review only for ergonomic risks or the proper use of personal protective equipment. Whatever your need, RiskControl360º will conduct the inspection in a discrete and professional manner using experts in safety and workers' compensation from around the state.

Upon completion of the inspection, a summary of the findings will be verbally communicated followed by a written report a few days later, if warranted. The skilled staff at RiskControl360° will provide a prioritized summary of the findings and recommendations on the appropriate corrective actions needed.

As always, inspection results, reports and company information are considered confidential and will never be shared with unauthorized parties. Costly injuries can disqualify you from receiving significant discounts on workers' compensation premiums. Let us help you prevent injuries before they impact your rates.

Please call toll free 1-877-360-3608, option #2, today to get more information or to schedule your free on-site inspection.

ORA Safety Manual

The Ohio Restaurant Association along with RiskControl360° is proud to provide you with the ORA restaurant safety manual. This manual is provided FREE to ORA members.

All employees are required to provide a workplace free of hazards. Our goal is to provide resources that help your organization exceed this requirement. A safe workplace will not only improve your bottom line, it will also protect your most valuable assets – your employees.

The resources provided in the manual are extensive and have been customized to the restaurant environment. RiskControl360° hopes you find the content useful and encourages you to take the time to enhance your workplace safety program.

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