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ServSafe FAQ's

Whom do I contact for customer service?

ServSafe Ordering Procedures

Where do I find a class and exams?

CLICK HERE to find ServSafe training, proctors and exams in your area

How does ServSafe compare to other food safety programs?

To understand why ServSafe is the nation's leading foodservice-safety training program, CLICK HERE.

How do I become a trainer or proctor?

CLICK HERE to become a Certified ServSafe Instructor, Registered ServSafe Proctor or Recertified ServSafe Instructor.

What are Ohio's Food Safety Regulations?

Follow this link to view the State of Ohio's Food Safety Regulations page:Http://Www.Odh.Ohio.Gov/Rules/Final/F3717-1.Aspx

What are Ohio's Alcohol Regulations?

Follow this link to view the State of Ohio's Link to Alcohol Regulations page: Http://Codes.Ohio.Gov/Oac/4301:1-1

Is Food Safety Manager Certification required in Ohio?

Foodservice and alcohol training and certification are not required or “mandated” by the state.

However, ServSafe training is considered a best practice for foodservice operations and those serving alcohol and is strongly recommended by the Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA).

What are the seat time requirements?

Trainees must attend 15 hours of training and pass exam.

What are the instructor requirements?

Minimum of 4 years of training or teaching experience, or 4 years of foodservice industry, health, or related experience; and the completion of an approved course in certification with a passing score. ServSafe is an approved course.

Are ServSafe Print and Online programs approved by the State of Ohio?


Recertification Requirements: Certification is permanent. Your ServSafe instructor will submit your test scores to the Ohio Department of Health (ODH.) The ODH will issue a laminated certification card, which does not expire. The ODH will mail the laminated certification cards directly to the instructor for distribution.

Students taking the online course would have to submit their score directly to the Ohio Department of Health to request a laminated card. ServSafe Certification is good for five years.

What are Ohio Food Handler Requirements?

The manager has to ensure employees are trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties. For more information contact:

Ohio Department of Health:

(614) 466-1390


Local Health Departments


Is Alcohol Safety Manager Certification required in Ohio?

No, it is voluntary

What are the instructor requirements?

ServSafe Alcohol Approved Instructor

Is Manager Certification required?

Manager Certification is not required. However, ServSafe training is considered a best practice for food service operations and those serving alcohol and is strongly recommended by the Ohio Restaurant Association

Mitigating Benefits: In considering whether to suspend or revoke a permit, or in issuing an order allowing a permit holder to elect to pay a fine, the liquor control commission shall consider whether the permit holder and the permit holder's employees have successfully completed an alcohol server training program.

State Liquor Authority:

Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control

6606 Tussing Road

Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068

Phone: 614-644-2360, Fax: 614-644-3166

Email: Restep@Notes.Liquor.State.Oh.Us

Website: Www.Liquorcontrol.Ohio.Gov/Liquor.Htm

Why ServSafe?

ServSafe Starters online training program delivers core food safety training consistently and helps ensure that food is handled safely throughout the operation. The ServSafe Starters training and assessment program is an approved course for Ohio's new Level One Certification in Food Protection requirement

> ServSafe Starters Employee Online Course Is Divided Into Five Core Sections: Basic Food Safety, Personal Hygiene, Cross-Contamination And Allergens, Time And Temperature, And Cleaning And Sanitizing. Each Of The Five Sections Can Be Completed In As Little As 10 Minutes Each.

> The Course, Available In English And Spanish, Uses Interactive Simulations Allowing The Employee To Practice And Retain The Critical Food Safety Lessons.

> Online Tracking Capability Allows The Training Status Of Employees Assigned To The Course To Be Viewed.

> Uses Common Workforce Language, Making Food Safety Information Easy To Comprehend And Retain.

> Includes Visual Cues To Help Learners Instantly Identify Right And Wrong Practices.

> After Completing The Course And Passing The 40-Question Online Assessment, The Employee Receives A ServSafe Starters Certificate Of Completion.

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification program is an approved course for Ohio's Level Two Certification requirement in Food Protection. It is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP). More than 290 trainers in Ohio offer this course. An online option is also available for this course but the online test must be proctored. For more information on trainers and courses scheduled for your area, go to Http://Www.Servsafe.Com/, select: "Find a class or Instructor/Proctor."

Why ServSafe Alcohol?

ServSafe Alcohol sets the standard for responsible alcohol service training. Take a closer look at the program and it's easy to see why.

ServSafe Alcoholis vital, practical and current responsible alcohol service training. It implements the same approach ServSafe pioneered for the industry's most recognized food safety training and certification. That makes ServSafe Alcohol a smart training solution for every operation and every classroom.

Real-world expertise makes a real difference. The ServSafe Alcoholprogram was developed with input from experts in the restaurant, legal, regulatory, academic, insurance, medical and law enforcement fields.

It offers the most current and comprehensive training solution. ServSafe Alcohol includes the latest studies and science-based information, explores real-world situations and makes it all engaging and accessible with the latest instructional design techniques.

Today's biggest issues are brought to the forefront. Lessons cover essential information, including alcohol laws and responsibilities, evaluating intoxication levels, dealing with difficult situations and checking identification.

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​What are Ohio Food Handler Requirements?

The manager has to ensure employees are trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties.

​Ohio Department Of Health:

(614) 466-1390

​Local Health Departments

​Ohio Alcohol Regulations

State of Ohio, Alcohol Regulations page.