Health Care

UnitedHealthcare connects members with health care plans designed specifically for the foodservice industry.

Health care is an ever-increasing aspect of the role employers play in today's economy. The Ohio Restaurant Association (ORA) understands that members need access to flexible health and wellness solutions and experts who understand and know the industry.

It's for this reason that the ORA has teamed up with UnitedHealthcare. These medical plans provide discounts limited to our members. The services are also provided in both English and Spanish in an effort to assist Hispanic and Latino business owners, operators and employees find the plans that fit their needs.

As an ORA member, you have access to:

  • NEW! Association Trust Plans for small business health solutions

  • Health plans for the hospitality industry

  • Solutions that work with your budget

  • Flexible plans to meet your employees' needs

For a detailed assessment of your business’ health care needs, CLICK HERE or call 877.624.0495.

ORA members may reach out to ORA’s regional contact Alliah ShetAh at 763.361.6963 to discuss personalized health care solutions for your restaurant or foodservice business.